Activity KNSB

Kumpulan Novalab conducts regular activities to help employees maintain good health keep their health in good shape. It also govern activities that help others in need and also include festive celebration like Hari Raya and Puasa. Generally it governs activities that is related to wellbeing of employees and others.

Hari Raya Feast

The hari raya feast was held with multiple traditional malaysia cuisines and food to help us get closer not only between employees but with their family as well. This also helps in keeping the good positive working environment in the office.

Flash Flood Emergency Help

The emergency help was funded by Kumpulan Novalab and our suppliers to help those who were heavily effected the the flash flood. This also helps in incresing the bond between us and our suppliers. We were grateful for the support that was given from our suppliers.

KNSB Bowling Tournament

The tournament was held as an activity to bring the employees closer together and to give them a break from constant work pressure. This also symbolize that the company appreciates the hard work given by each employees.