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With over more than 30 years of experince, our laboratory Sales & Marketing division is able to offer a complete laboratory development and construction services, especially in the construction of BSL-3 Laboratory. We can provide a supply only service to full turn key or design and build lab construction project including building & renovation works, furniture and ancillary services, all provided by our own in-house skilled engineers. The company will continue to strive, improve and respond to the needs and concerns of our customers, suppliers, employees and communities in which it serves. The management strongly believe that the universal principle of accountability and dynamic management will lead and guide us to accomplish our corporate mission and vision

Site Assesment And Initial Enquiry

Our experienced and certified staff will take site measurements and assess the site layout and condition to provide the best initial suggestions for the client's project design. Most renovation and design projects begin with a thorough site inspection, regardless of whether the project is laboratory, construction, or bespoke design. During the site inspection, a skilled designer will visit our customer's location and conduct a full and extensive examination of the site. We'll make a note of the arrangement and gather measurements. Before going to the next level of our service, we will normally inquire about the customer's requirements for the lab space during the site evaluation.

Designing & Consultation

Based on identified client requirements, careful planning is carried out. Based on the client's input, a design is generated. We will also provide guidance on the most efficient design to fulfil the client's design and financial requirements. Then, drawings are created, and a formal proposal is presented. In this stage, our designers will propose layouts and designs based on the customer's requirements. We also provide professional consultations adhering to the country's codes and regulation and advices customer on environmental health and safety issues for laboratories to ensure lab personnel can work in a safe workspace. we offer designs for BSL3 labs, Kitchen, LPG gas, Workshop, custom designs and lab furniture liek medical labs, science labs, industrial research and development lab, university lab and school labs. We also provide solution for lab renovation and refurbishment along with project management services and turnkey and design and build projects.

Procurement and product Manufacturing

Final quantity and specification checks will be performed at this step before beginning the purchase order details or production process. We have our own manufacturing facility and a wide selection of suppliers to satisfy the client's design requirement and needs. This enables us to do stringent quality checks and provide quality assurance on the products we provide to our consumers. We produce long-lasting and cost-effective designs such as lab furniture, built-in and loose furniture. They are available in a wide range of colour patterns and designs to meet the needs of our customers.

Supply, Install, Construction & Renovation

We provide full-service, in-house project management to ensure project compliance and seamless execution from design to completion. We also have highly experienced installer and costruction team to deliver the client's need seemlessly. We offer our customers delivery and installation services. Proper installation and construction is also crucial for ensuring the success of the project's establishment without further delay. All lab benches and furnitures are fitted by our trained team of installers with years of expertise, and we guarantee customers a safe and functional lab once all lab furniture and accessories are fitted.

Site Inspection & Project HandOver

Throughout the construction/installation period, site inspections will be conducted by well-experienced and qualified professionals to ensure the best possible result and compliance with all client requirements. The project will then be handed over to the client. We have professional construction managers who supervise and perform quality assurance checks at each level of the project cycle. We work closely with clients to guarantee a smooth transition with little downtime. As specialists, we will ensure that everything is in order and that suitable project handovers are performed to clients.